Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The ultimate game is life and I'm a winner! (Over 5 years clean)

On March 3rd 2006, my life changed forever, I confronted my drug problem head on and admitted that I needed help. I came to the doors of Narconon Arrowhead and instantly, things got easier. I found that in just admitting that I had a problem and then reaching out to those around me for their support was the first step towards getting my life back together.

It took me some time to get through the program, and likely so, it took me a long time to get down into the condition I was in, of course it would take some time for me to get out of it. I noticed a radical change in my behavior, I became more honest, more willing to see the other person side, and more myself, which for me was very new.

As soon as I completed the program I turned myself in, to Craig County in East Texas for a warrant that was out for my arrest. I can honestly say that if I had not completed the Narconon program I would not of been able to turn myself in and assume responsibility for the actions that got me there in the first place. Once I finished my stint in the county jail, I came right back to Narconon and started training which was on Dec. 3rd of 2006.

Since then I have accomplished so much and have put myself in a position that requires a high level of responsibility. I have had the opportunity to reach over 150,000 students with effective drug and alcohol education throughout the mid-west. I have organized groups, put on events, partnered with community leaders, and the list goes on and on.

My family, whose trust I had betrayed time and time again, now are extremely proud of my work and my success, a success that was achieved through the staff and technology of the Narconon Arrowhead program. Life is not only worth living, it is the ultimate game for me where every day I end up a winner.

John Bitinas
Dir. of Drug Education