Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Strangers Kindness Gave Me A Chance At Life.

A Strangers Kindness Gave Me A Chance At Life.

My life has been a rollercoaster since as far back as I can remember. When I was 13 I did two years for a crime that I committed. Since that time I’ve been doing drugs and just anything I could get my hands on. For the last three years I was doing Oxycontin and I was heading down a dead-end street. I woke up one day and looked at myself in the mirror and hated the person staring back at me. I knew I needed to change my life.

I went on the Internet to find some help and I found Narconon®. It said it had an 76% success rate. So, I called them up and told them, “I need to come.” Luckily I had some good insurance and I had a chance to come. While coming there I started to do great things. I could feel myself changing. I felt my life was going good for once.

I was about half-way through the program when they dropped a bomb on me. They told me my insurance had run out. My policy didn’t cover the entire program fees. At this point I started to fear for my life. I knew I wasn’t ready to go home. I started to do everything I could to do to stay. I started volunteering my time anywhere I could. I was talking to everyone here, staff and students trying to get some help anyway I could. Then, a good friend of mind told me to talk to Chris Wilcox a counselor at the center who also worked in the sauna purification area. I thought to myself, “How could someone that ran the sauna program help?” But, I talked to him regardless. I thought at this point, “Why not?” And, as I talked to him he had a very good friend who sponsored a few other people to stay in the program. It so happened, that she was visiting that weekend. I remember him telling me, “I told her about you, but if you want this bad enough, you need to go talk to her.”

This was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. I’ve been on my own my whole life and never had to ask anyone for help. But, I sucked up my pride because I knew that I needed to stay here. So, I went up to her and told her the story of my life. She told me not to worry that she would get back to me. It was about a week later when Chris came up to me and told me she sponsored me. I went into shock and then I started to cry.

I thought to myself, “What an amazing woman. I didn’t even know her and she did this for me.” No words can describe what this meant to me. A complete stranger just saved my life.

To me she’s a super-hero. I was falling off a cliff and half-way down and she swooped down and save me, picked me up and put me down on my feet. Now I’ve just completed the
program. I came in a boy and I’m leaving a man. I owe it to a stranger. Out of the kindness of her heart she gave me a chance to be somebody. I wish everyone that was in my position had that super-hero to come down and put them on their feet.

Jon C.
Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

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