Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The ultimate game is life and I'm a winner! (Over 5 years clean)

On March 3rd 2006, my life changed forever, I confronted my drug problem head on and admitted that I needed help. I came to the doors of Narconon Arrowhead and instantly, things got easier. I found that in just admitting that I had a problem and then reaching out to those around me for their support was the first step towards getting my life back together.

It took me some time to get through the program, and likely so, it took me a long time to get down into the condition I was in, of course it would take some time for me to get out of it. I noticed a radical change in my behavior, I became more honest, more willing to see the other person side, and more myself, which for me was very new.

As soon as I completed the program I turned myself in, to Craig County in East Texas for a warrant that was out for my arrest. I can honestly say that if I had not completed the Narconon program I would not of been able to turn myself in and assume responsibility for the actions that got me there in the first place. Once I finished my stint in the county jail, I came right back to Narconon and started training which was on Dec. 3rd of 2006.

Since then I have accomplished so much and have put myself in a position that requires a high level of responsibility. I have had the opportunity to reach over 150,000 students with effective drug and alcohol education throughout the mid-west. I have organized groups, put on events, partnered with community leaders, and the list goes on and on.

My family, whose trust I had betrayed time and time again, now are extremely proud of my work and my success, a success that was achieved through the staff and technology of the Narconon Arrowhead program. Life is not only worth living, it is the ultimate game for me where every day I end up a winner.

John Bitinas
Dir. of Drug Education

My life had totally fallen apart.

I came to Narconon Arrowhead after 30 years of alcohol and marijuana abuse. My life had totally fallen apart. I had lost to many career opportunities and relationships to even keep track of anymore. I was 48 years old and had basically wasted my life chasing the false high of drugs and alcohol.

Upon arrival at Narconon Arrowhead I immediately began the life changing recovery that Narconon is famous for. Withdrawal, was amazing. All the help and assistance one could ever ask for. Then it was on to the New Life Detoxification Program that was vital to physical recovery. People often consider withdrawal and detoxification as the same thing, but they definitely are not! On the detoxification program I was able to get decades of stored drugs and toxins fully out of my system, while restoring the nutritional balances vital to a drug free and happy life. I literally felt 20 years younger after this part of the program, and any physical craving I had were gone.

The rest of the program addressed all the mental and emotional damage I had inflicted on myself. My ability to confront the “here and now” and the relief from the quilt and depression that comes from the drug and alcohol abuse were all majorly alleviated.

Most importantly, Narconon gave me actual tools to use in my everyday life to actually go for and reach my new found goals with out drugs and alcohol. I have been drug and alcohol free for almost 10 years now and I can honestly say I have never once had the urge to return to the old life or to use or drink. I now enjoy a very fulfilling career helping others to get the Narconon Technology that saved my life.

Believe me, no matter how hopeless it may seem and no matter how many times you have already tried to get and stay clean, there is hope and there is a workable solution. There is a whole new world out there, full of life, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

I owe my life, and a great life it is, to Narconon Arrowhead!

Mike Otto
Narconon Graduate – September 2001

I have never looked back...

A wonderful Success Story sent to me from a 2005 Narconon Arrowhead Graduate.


Hi DannaSue,

Went to get the mail today and in the box was your Holiday Card. It came at a very appropriate time for me. Today marks my 5th year admittance to the Narconon Arrowhead Family of Healing. It is hard to believe how life and all it has to offer was restored to my "Being" from the very first step taken into the program, followed 10 months later to my very first step out of the program. I have said it before and I will always say it again and again; "I have never looked back". You, the program and the entire staff remain my daily bread. I cannot begin to tell you all the people who I tell my story to and what Narconon is about, respond with such curiosity and amazement. Many feel they could benefit from the teachings regardless of having an addiction or not. I have received such strong support to be more active in public speaking and being a voice in a more dramatic way than being my simple self and I feel a strong urge/need to write it down. It is so inspirational to read and see familiar faces of those who continue to lead a wonderful life, the kind of life we all are deserving of.

I'm packing to leave for northern CA to be with family and friends as well as build a basement for a friend's bed & breakfast in Redding. They watched my demise with alcohol and were there to say good bye in March of 2005 when I was given 3 days to live. Now we just laugh, hug and remain kids true to the heart as we grow old together.

I am including a picture. This is me and my daughter Madi spending time together. Madi is 17. She enjoys spending time with dad.
Thank you for always making the effort to keep in touch and being a constant flame in the spirit of life at it's purest of mind, health and action.

"Everything about you,
Because of you and for you,
Comes from you,
Through thought......."

Russ D.
2005 Narconon Arrowhead Graduate