Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have never looked back...

A wonderful Success Story sent to me from a 2005 Narconon Arrowhead Graduate.


Hi DannaSue,

Went to get the mail today and in the box was your Holiday Card. It came at a very appropriate time for me. Today marks my 5th year admittance to the Narconon Arrowhead Family of Healing. It is hard to believe how life and all it has to offer was restored to my "Being" from the very first step taken into the program, followed 10 months later to my very first step out of the program. I have said it before and I will always say it again and again; "I have never looked back". You, the program and the entire staff remain my daily bread. I cannot begin to tell you all the people who I tell my story to and what Narconon is about, respond with such curiosity and amazement. Many feel they could benefit from the teachings regardless of having an addiction or not. I have received such strong support to be more active in public speaking and being a voice in a more dramatic way than being my simple self and I feel a strong urge/need to write it down. It is so inspirational to read and see familiar faces of those who continue to lead a wonderful life, the kind of life we all are deserving of.

I'm packing to leave for northern CA to be with family and friends as well as build a basement for a friend's bed & breakfast in Redding. They watched my demise with alcohol and were there to say good bye in March of 2005 when I was given 3 days to live. Now we just laugh, hug and remain kids true to the heart as we grow old together.

I am including a picture. This is me and my daughter Madi spending time together. Madi is 17. She enjoys spending time with dad.
Thank you for always making the effort to keep in touch and being a constant flame in the spirit of life at it's purest of mind, health and action.

"Everything about you,
Because of you and for you,
Comes from you,
Through thought......."

Russ D.
2005 Narconon Arrowhead Graduate