Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When I was high on Methamphetamine, I didn't care about anything!

I started smoking methamphetamine when I was twenty-two years old, traveling around from town to town, participating in rodeos on the weekend. One weekend before the rodeo, I told a friend of mine I didn’t feel good and he said, "Here, take this." It was meth. That was my first time.

Well, I tried it. I won that rodeo and left town with a new saddle and some money. That felt pretty good but what happened later sure didn’t.

After I went through a divorce, things started going downhill. At first, I was just using meth on the weekends, but after the divorce, it started being three or four times a week, then it was every day. That habit was completely out of control. I was spending $500 a week on drugs.

Meth gives you a rush. Coming down from it, you get grouchy and irritable. It causes problems in relationships because if things get tough at home, you just want that fix. You don’t care about the bills. Nothing else matters but staying high. When there’s no money to get meth, you will pawn or sell what you own that you never would have gotten rid of before.

I don’t care who you are, when you come down, you come down hard. You are up for three or four days and down for five. When I was high on methamphetamine, I didn’t care about anything. I didn’t care about food on the table. I didn’t care about the bills. I just wanted to fish, hunt and get high. I ended up being addicted to meth for 15 years. My family was very religious which just proves that this can happen to anyone.

When I came to Narconon Arrowhead in August of 2005 I was beat down and felt terrible. I thought no one cared about me. I had sold and pawned everything. I was at rock bottom. As a result of the Narconon® program, I turned my life around completely. I have a loving wife a good job and I feel awesome. I never knew that life could be so good.

S.M., Oklahoma
Narconon Arrowhead Graduate
November 3, 2005

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